Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ghee Mysore Pa

This is the easy way to do soft ghee Mysore pa at home. Mysore pa is a very popular south Indian sweet. It is very soft, delicious and I am sure that kids will love this.
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 45 mins
Total time: 50 mins

Water – 1 cup
Sugar – 1 ½ cup
Gram flour / kadalai maavu – ½ cup
Ghee – 1 cup

1. To get smooth gram flour, sieve it without any lumps. Heat 1 cup water in a heavy bottomed vessel and add sugar to it.
2. Stir continuously till the sugar syrup get a single thread consistency. Keep the flame medium, add gram flour slowly and give a continuous stir so that the flour will be mixed with sugar syrup.
3. Once the gram flour is completely mixed with sugar syrup, add 4 tbsp of ghee at first. Stir continuously till the ghee is fully absorbed by the gram flour mixture.
4. Add the next 4 tbsp and follow the same process mentioned above. Continue the process till all the ghee is finished.
5. After some time the mixture gets thicken and leave the sides of the pan. Remove the mixture from flame and spread it in a greased tray evenly.

6.  When they starts to cool down, Cut the Mysore pa mixture into your desired shape. Now the delicious Mysore pa is ready.


  1. I remembered my mom and sis when I saw the post. they are big fans of ghee mysore pak and this looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)