Monday, November 9, 2015

Spongy and Juicy Rasgulla Recipe

Rasgulla is a Famous bengali sweet.  Rasgulla is a cheese balls dipped and soaked in sugar syrup. I added rose syrup to the sugar syrup according to my taste. This gives a refreshing taste to rasagullas. It is very easy to prepare and i am sure your family members will love it.

Prep time: 1 hour
Cook time: 1 hour
Total time: 2 hours
Full fat milk - 1 litre
Vinegar - 1/4 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup
Rose syrup - 1 tbsp ( optional)

1.In a heavy bottomed vessel, bring the milk to boil. Add vinegar to it. 
2. Milk  starts curdling. After it fully curdles, switch off the flame and add more ice cubes to curdled. So that it prevent further curdling.
3. In a muslin cloth, Strain the milk and seperate the cheese. Wash it in cold water for two times.

4. Squeeze the water and hang the muslin cloth with cheese on tap for 1 hour without any disturbance.
5. After 1 hour, knead the cheese well for 10 mins. Form in to a smooth balls and keep aside. 
6. Heat water with sugar in a heavy bottomed wide vessel. when the sugar syrup starts boiling, add the balls one by one and close the lid.
7. After 10 mins the balls will be double the size and now the rasgullas are done.Now add rose syrup to the sugar syrup.
8. Refrigerate it for 1 hour and serve chilled.


  1. Love that you added rose syrup gives a nice touch to rasgullas..very nicely made..

  2. Sowmia, rasgullas are my absolute favorite dessert! I am drooling looking at the gorgeous rasgullas you have made!

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  4. Love rasgulla.. Pink color steal the show dear

  5. Lovely n tasty rasagulla sowmya..wish u a happy diwali !!

  6. Nice this version with rose syrup. Indeed different and indeed I like the invention. Also attractive and appealing.

  7. Love this pink color spongy rasgulla

  8. these rasgulla look so yummy and tasty. Loved the pink color

  9. juicy,delicious n yummy ones..perfect for Diwali,Happy Diwali dear:)

  10. Love that color. super awesome

  11. It looks so perfect & yumm...loved the idea of using rose syrup in rasgulla !!