About me

Hi there, 
Thanks for hitting my blog. I am very happy that you spend time to visit Sowmia's Galley and examine my recipes. Sowmia's galley is about sharing healthy and tasty recipes which might be useful for everyday cooking especially for beginners..
I am Sowmia Pragash, an engineering graduate. I started my career as a software engineer and got married to Pragash, who is my soul mate, friend, well-wisher etc...Now I am a happy homemaker doing routine works like sleeping, eating, cooking, watching tv and so on. Though I do these things daily, I discovered my love towards cooking after marriage..My dad always says to spend my time usefully,  so I thought of starting a blog to share my recipes, tips,  techniques which I have tried and tasted.

Though the recipes posted here are tried by me,  the source of most of the recipes are belonged to my mom and mother-in-law. I also like to try on my own and experiment the taste, sometimes the result might not be good. But how can we catch the successful formula without failures...I swear the recipes posted here are the one which came out tasty .

I also have a great passion in painting from my childhood. I used to paint and do craft work on the days when I m not cooking.

Some of my paints and craft works.

Thanks to my husband, parents, sisters, brothers and friends who encouraged me a lot to pen down my recipes..

I hope you find the recipes useful and tasty. If it is so, I love to hear your comments, feedbacks, suggestions..


  1. wow..super..i think so it will be use for beginners congrats

  2. Great blog, Sowmia! I appreciate you taking time to visit my blog Indfused !

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  4. Hi from Sowmya to Sowmiya. I accidentally bumped into your space and glad that I found you. Do visit my small space when you have time. Happy cooking until then. We ll catch up.